जालंधर पंजाब ब्रेकिंग न्यूज़

Jalandhar, November 16 (NEWS HUNT)- In a bid to curtail the stubble burning practices in Jalandhar, the district administration has imposed an environmental componsation worth Rs. 16.90 lakh in 676 cases of stubble burning till November, 14.

Acting on Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori’s directions to make Jalandhar free from Stubble burning, joint teams led by SDMs have visited various villages and sensitised farmers to not burn the stubble in their respective sub-division on Tuesday.

The team led by Shahkot SDM Lal Biswas extinguished stubble fire at three places by using the fire brigade on the spot after they spotted stubble burning at Kohar Kalan village and Manakpur village.
Likewise, two awareness camps were held at Sindhar village and Parjian village, to sensitise the farmers against stubble burning by a team led by SDM Nakodar Poonam Singh. Farmers were also informed about various pro-farmers schemes including the use of machinery and equipment to residue stubble.
The stubble fire was also doused at Manakpur village by the team.

Earlier, chairing a meeting with the officials of department concerned, Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori said it was need of the hour that collective efforts are made to protect environment from the ill-effects of stubble burning. He stated that the red entry was made in khasra girdawri in as many as 608 cases, where stubble burning was confirmed by the field officers.

The DC said that a multi-pronged strategy was being adopted by the authorities to curb such instances ranging from IEC campaign to enforcement drive. He directed the officials to ensure that red entry was made in all instances, where crop residue burning was verified by the competent authorities.
DC Jalandhar further appealed the Farmers to not to resort the the stubble burning practices as the smog from the fire can aggravate problems for the asthma patients who were already suffering from compromised immune system besides other impacts on environment.

The deputy commissioner asked officials to keep a close tab over the farm fire incidents by ensuring physical verification in each case. He informed that a slew of measures were being taken by the administration to provide stubble management equipment to farmers at cheaper rates, especially free of cost to small and marginal farmers across all custom hiring centres. I-Khet app was also launched by the government wherein farmers can check the availability of such machinery at there nearest CHCs, he added.

The DC said that special teams have also been constituted which have been urging farmers to shun the practice on spot and shall be accompanied by the fire tenders in order to stop the fire incidents on spot. He further informed that the teams will provide assistance with the help of Agriculture department to the Farmers on spot for the in-situ management of the paddy residue.

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