NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Boston Celtics

Celtic’s Victory over the Heat in Game 4, Series tied 2-2.


Here are the important points as the Celtics turned over the Heat with a tremendous 102-82 triumph that truly wasn’t simply close.

The Celtics wrapped up with nine turnovers and a 20-point triumph, despite the fact that they were shooting only 27-for-67 (40.3 percent) from the floor and 7-for-29 (24.1 percent) from 3 when they pulled their starters in the final quarter.

The Heat got done with 19 takes in their Game 3 dominate.

“I think we only had [3-4 turnovers] in the first quarter,” Ime Udoka said. “So taking care of the ball was huge, obviously, making them score in the half-court as opposed to getting the run-outs that we aided them with last game.”

At times, the ball is a complicated game with complex clarifications.

Once in a while, it isn’t.

The Heat began the game heartbreakingly — they scarcely broke twofold figures in the main quarter (29-11) and were stuck on only one point until the 3:22 characteristic of the primary quarter.

After Victor Oladipo scored the group’s most memorable field objective — a 3-pointer — they didn’t score again until there was 1:50 leftover.

The Celtics’ guard stays a beast when they hold the Heat back from getting out and experiencing significant change.

Udoka and different Celtics players noticed that they need to play better after wins, as well as misfortunes.

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