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Ayodhya Ram Mandir : More than 25 lakh devotees visited Ram Mandir in 10 days , and received donations worth more than ₹11 crore

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Around 2.5 million devotees have participated in Ram Janmabhoomi in 11 days since the inauguration of the Ram temple on January 22, with offerings and donations amounting to over Rs 11,000 crore.

Temple Trust employees are stationed at the donation counter and submit statements of donated amounts received to the Trust’s office after the counter closes in the evening.

A team of 14 staff, including 11 bank staff and three Temple Trust staff, are counting the donations in four collection boxes.

Bijolia Stones for the Devotees

Experts say devotees can comfortably walk on the Bijolia stones, which cover an area of ​​about 500,000 square meters, regardless of the weather. This area includes Parikrama and Kubertila districts.

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