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Devotees gathered to seek blessings of Satguru on New Year

 Love is a matter of acceptance, not of getting others to accept it – Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

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Hoshiarpur, January 3, 2024:- ”Love is a matter of acceptance, not of getting others to accept it, when we realize this then we are freed from all kinds of bondages and are able to move forward on the path of devotion” is the statement of Nirankari Satguru. Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj expressed this while addressing thousands of devotees present in the special satsang ceremony organized at ground number 8 of Burari on the auspicious occasion of New Year. To get the benefit of this satsang organized on the beginning of the year 2024, Delhi and N.  C.R. Thousands of devotees from other places also participated and were overwhelmed by the divine darshan and holy discourses of Satguru.

On this occasion, Nirankari Rajpita Ramit Ji, while addressing the Sadh Sangat, said that our faith and reverence on Nirankar should be based on our personal spiritual experience and not merely inspired by someone else’s words.  From the point of view of Brahmagyan received from Satguru, it is best to do devotion while having darshan of God with His body.  Satguru is providing the path to liberation in life by providing Brahmagyan equally to everyone and we can achieve this only through our experience and our true love.

While giving her sacred blessings on the occasion of New Year, Satguru Mata Ji explained that often we adopt narrow and discriminatory behavior in the limited scope of our practical life.  Life can be lived by rising above this influence only when we take the knowledge of Brahma as our basis and see the form of God in everything.  We have to expand our thinking and live life only with a feeling of love;  Only then will the feeling of distress be eliminated from the mind.

While talking about the feeling of love, Satguru Mata Ji said in her sermons that when we connect with this huge God, then no bondage remains.  By connecting with this colorless color, such a strong color of devotion falls on us that our devotion becomes stronger, but due to misconception, we forget this truth and try to influence others only with our own ideology.  The reality is that love is a matter of acceptance, not of making others agree.  We have to do every work with the consciousness of Brahmagyan only.  One has to live a life full of devotion with the feeling of love in mind for everyone.

In the end, on the occasion of New Year, Satguru Mata Ji wished good luck to everyone and blessed us that in this New Year too, our lives should be decorated with service, remembrance and satsang.  These precious words of Satguru on the occasion of New Year are, in reality, undoubtedly a boon for all humanity.

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