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Indian women cricketers finally land pay parity with male counterparts

BCCI’s new pay equity policy ensures equal match fees for all cricketers representing India, irrespective of gender

Finally, it is a good news for the women stars of the Indian cricket team. The Board for Control of Cricket (BCCI) has brought in a new policy wherein women cricketers who are contracted to play for the country would earn the same amount of money as match fee as their male counterparts.

The board’s new pay equity policy, which was made known by BCCI secretary Jay Shah on Thursday ensures that women cricketers appearing in international matches for the country will be paid the same match fees as the male cricketers. The new policy makes it sure that both women and men cricketers will now be eligible for Rs 15 lakh for a Test appearance.

Exciting news for women cricketers

Besides, they will earn Rs 6 lakh for a one-day international (ODI) and Rs 3 lakh for a T20I match. Compared to the current earnings that stand at Rs 1 lakh for an ODI or T20I appearance, and Rs 4 lakh for a Test match, the women players stand to earn much.

The discriminatory scenario has been much debated on public circles since long. In effect the new pay equity policy may be seen as a major leap in BCCI’s move towards ending discrimination. Jay Shah has received the support from BCCI’s Apex Council toward bringing in the new policy. Jay Shah has been quoted by a report saying that the new decision is a commitment to India’s women cricketers.

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